Christ Is Risen!

We welcome and greet you with the great feast of the Resurrection of the Lord and Savior. There are very many seafarers from Eastern Europe, and in particular from Ukraine, who work on ships which sail around the world. These ships carry cargo which is very important for the peoples of the world. It usually is a very important part of the economy of each country that these ships visit. Food produced in one country is shipped to another, the same with minerals, chemicals, and manufactured goods. Unfortunately not everybody recognizes the importance of the work of seafarers nor do most people know what every sailor knows, namely that the ocean is a very dangerous place to work. We have storms, piracy, and even poor working conditions. The life of a sailor is not easy.

We live in a time of war in Ukraine and in other countries around the world. The example of understanding and working together is especially a good example to all governments and world leaders of the fact that problems can be overcome with love and good will.

We join you in sincere prayer for peace in the whole world but especially in Ukraine.

The strength that each of us needs to live out what we must do comes from Jesus Christ, especially now at this time of Easter. Jesus overcame all evil and even death itself.

Please join me in prayer to our saviour the risen Jesus Christ to bless our journey, our work, and our country. We ask the Lord to be with us and with all whom we love.

He has Risen!

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