22 of May 2017 the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” has been attended by the Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine archbishop Claudio Gugerotti.

His Excellency the Most Reverend Claudio Gugerotti focused on so much needed help for the affected people in eastern Ukraine. These are the things that are most important at this time.

"Seafarers are the seekers of an identity", mons. Gugerotti said, and “especially the naval ones”.

"Never let the opinions of others to make you its slaves", another interesting quote by the Archbishop. As he says, people are much more concerned about what you think of them.

Also His Excellency emphasizes that every man is the image of God. "Whether you are poor or rich, whether you are a powerful man, or vice versa, in God's eyes all are equally important." Therefore, we, Ukrainians, must endure and help to support neighbors, especially during this difficult time for Ukraine.

"We live in a world not very disciplined, where the main idea is: I will do what I like. Through discipline, you become more apt to get what you want." So mons. Gugerotti calls to be clean inside, outside smiling, compassionate and kind to each other. "I have no weapons have no business, but I have the power of thought", he said.

The lecture has been attended by students of the Institute of Naval Forces NU "OMA" as well as students of the Naval Lyceum. This unexpected and pleasant meeting left people inspired with vivid emotions, warmth, and gave a coveted, but unfortunately fleeting peace, followed by the hope that everything will be fine in future.

We are grateful for this excellent, constructive, meaningful conversation and invite more and more such distinguished guests!

"There are certain things that unite us: you are similar to me because both of us have a purpose in life", mons. Gugerotti said.

Before the lecture Apostolic Nuncio had a meeting with the ONMA rector Michael Miyusov, accompanied with all the students.

These meetings are organized by The Apostleship of the Sea (Ukraine).


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